Innovative And Comprehensive Solutions In The Plastic Containers Sector

PETBOTTLE Sp. z o.o. was created from the combination of the extraordinary synergy of the owners’ scientific passion and their entrepreneurship, resulting in a unique offer.

​Our specialty is making designs of preforms and containers, the design and manufacture of BM, EBM, IMFP, IMFC molds and the comprehensive design and delivery of molds for ISBM technology.

​PETBOTTLE is a comprehensive service, incorporating the production of spare parts and “trade-in” of machines and bottling lines.

​In our daily work, we combine the traditional high quality of blow and injection molds with exceptional attention to detail, from the document preparation stage through production, finishing and measurement, to delivery, a comprehensive service invariably appreciated by our customers, and paying off in regular orders.

The location of the company’s headquarters, in the Gdansk Science and Technology Park, favors the development of its own technologies and the implementation of innovations.We provide advice and support internationally.

Through partnerships with high-tech industry partners and the implementation of innovative ideas, we are constantly developing partnerships with the foremost PET industry associations in the country.

​At PETBOTTLE our ambition and centralgoal is to make the best designs and optimize more tradititional ones, driving the industry into animage renaissance, turning billions upon billions of plastic products into unique and memorable items.

At PETBOTTLE we make history. Join us, and we will make it together. 

The Story of PETBOTTLE Success

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“If you want to be good at what you do, observe the world”

Ten years of experience in the tool industry inspired Tomasz Tomaszewski to set up a production company.

Training certificates from Poland and abroad, and projects carried out for leading companies in Poland, Germany, France, Egypt, Romania, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Sweden, Finland, Israel, China and Mexico have allowed the making of successful packaging designs, blow molds and 3D prints of plastic pieces. Tomasz Tomaszewski is also the co-holder of numerous patents.

This is how the story of PETBOTTLE’s success begins…

Objective And Strategy

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The most important goal of our activity is to offer our clients greater benefits through innovative technology, our experience and the continuous improvement of our qualifications. Over the years we have worked within the market we have created elements of the PETBOTTLE strategy and shaped the principles that allow us and our clients to achieve the success they are aiming for.

  • In all our activitieswe strive for reliability, high performance, competence and a positive attitude. We always take full responsibility for our work and our products. With a guarantee of quality, technical documentation, material certifications and 18 months’ warranty, you can rest assured that your product will be reliable for millions of usage cycles,so that you can achieve maximum productivity.
  • Innovation is the key to success for us and for our customers. We see change as an opportunity, so we are always open to new ideas and creative solutions.
  • PETBOTTLE is always willing to engage in social projectsrelevant to our values.
  • Protecting the environment is our priority the efficient use of resources, energy conservation, support for recycling and the continuous development ofenvironmentally-friendly technologies and products.
  • Standing still will leave you behind. PETBOTTLE strives to be better with each new order.
  • We understand absolutely how important and costly a client’s time is. Thanks to the international standards ISO9001, VDI2221 and others, systems and regulations and the best optimization of our working time, refined over the years, we are able to guarantee short delivery times with the highest quality of service.
  • An indispensable point of contact for companies from different industries and a basis for creating value and ensuring lasting cooperation.

PETBOTTLE Quality Principle

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“Only the best is good enough”

The latest technology and highly-qualified employees meet the most important requirements imposed on a modern company. We have the world’s best tools for designing, optimizing, controlling, analyzing, verifying and presenting the product. From the outset, at the development stage of new designs, we support our customers on many levels. Our designers implement new designs or make small changes, depending on the customer’s requirements. By working closely with the customer, modifications can be made quickly and easily. CAD designs can always be modified, enhanced or expanded.

Know A Company By Its Signs

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If you spotthis sign, you can be sure that the product has been made using state-of-the-art technology and is ofthe highest quality. It’s by PETBOTTLE.

Assuming Liability

PETBOTTLE takes on social responsibility for the company, its customers, its business partners and its employees. This applies to all cooperative economic activities, both internal and external . We focus particularly on protecting the environment and natural resources. The company assumes regional responsibility and contributes to the development of the region. We promote activities such as job creation and accreditedvocational training.

Quality Policy

The quality of our service and its systematic improvement is the result of the implementation of the General Terms of Procurement, Delivery and Guarantee of Petbottle Sp. z o.o. (OWZDiG), allowing the regulation of the relationship between Petbottle Sp. z o.o. and its business partners. The division of rights and responsibilities and the scope of responsibilities is transparent and personalto eachcustomer, from the first contact to the after-sales service, in terms of warranty and post-warranty support. OWZDiG can be downloaded here.

We guarantee that our quality management system meets the expectations of our customers. We comply with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 and other legislation. We train our employees so that our quality practices are consistently applied in practice. We oversee our processes and products to meet our clients’ expectations. We constantly improve our quality management system to achieve lasting success.

Product Safety Policy

We guarantee that our product safety management system meets the expectations of our customers. We train our employees so that product safety is constantly observed in practice. We continuallyimprove our product safety management system to achieve lasting success.

Environmental Protection Policy

We guarantee that our environmental management system meets the requirements for environmental protection. We train our employees so that our environmental principles are always applied in practice. We regularly identify environmental aspects when purchasing, manufacturing or developing products and services, and we set goals accordingly. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact generated by our company and products. We constantly improve our environmental management system to achieve lasting success.

Energy Policy

We guarantee that our energy management system meets energy efficiency requirements. We train employees so that our energy policy is constantly applied in practice. We regularly identify energy saving aspects when purchasing, manufacturing and developing products and services, and we set goals accordingly. We constantly reduce our energy consumption through efficient use of natural resources. We constantly improve our energy management system to achieve lasting success.

Occupational Health And Safety Policy

We guarantee that our health and safety management system complies with safety regulations. We train our employees so that our health and safety practices are constantly applied in practice. We strive to avoid injuries and illnesses amongour employees and other people affected by our systems. We constantly improve our management system to achieve lasting success.

Sustainable Development

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“PETBOTTLE Sp. z o.o. feels socially responsible both for its own company and its customers. This applies to all economic activities, both internal and external, to its business partners and its employees. We particularlyfocus on protecting the environment and natural resources. The company also assumes regional responsibility, contributing to the development of the region by creating new jobs and training staff.”

Tomasz Tomaszewski, Tomasz Muszkiewicz

Careers at PETBOTTLE

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Our central aim is to make PETBOTTLE values a reality and to make them more tangible:

  • We work with clients and suppliers on a partnership basis
  • Each employee is part of our success
  • We treat each other with proper respect
  • We attach great importance to the use of the latest and most effective technologies,demonstrating our innovation
  • We learn and grow through constant challenges and the considered willingness to take risks
  • We handle resources rationally and with environmental consciousness

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