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PETBOTTLE are professionals offering comprehensive services

In order to provide our customers with an uninterrupted workflow,  to maintain high performance and optimize their investment plans, the checks and audits made by PETBOTTLE help identify performance losses on the production line and help streamline operations while aiding businesses to achieve the savings they need.

We offer our clients audits and quality assessments of molds and preforms.

We repair and regenerate injection molds, blow molds and the bodies themselves and manufacture and supply spare parts for molds and bottling lines.

The spare parts we make for machines of different brands include, among others, parts such as grippers, mandrels, pins, spacers, combs, stars.

Our flexible maintenance and spare parts service will help you make the most of your tooling, saving money to invest in next-generation innovations.

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Machine Replacement – Trade-in

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, including new and used blow molding machines and bottling lines. We offer advice on choosing the right machine, buying a used machine and possibly settling on a trade-in.

If you have surplus production resources, we will gladly help you in unleashing the potential of your unused machinery. Based on technical data, service documentation and photos, we canmake an initial estimate of the repurchase price. This value can be charged at the purchase price of another device (new or used) you find interesting within our offer.

Currently available machinery:

More details available upon request; please contact us at: