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Blow Mold –
Where The Shape Is Born

PETBOTTLE makes blow molds for every product application, adapted to various shapes of container.

We make molds from aluminum or stainless steel,in round, square, oval but also more complex shapes, with a wide variety of textures and decorations.

In our measurement laboratory, we conduct extensive research, analysis and inspection of molds, containers and prototypes.

With our own technical documentation, we design from scratch and make molds for most machine models adapted to the blow molding technology of the largest and most important manufacturers available on the market.

On request, we also perform activities involving so-called reverse engineering. We have the technology to develop documentation involving the audit of a particular submitted mold or part, forwhich no current technical documentation is available.

The work of our experienced design team isbased on the design of the world’s most advanced design environment, Siemens PLM CAD NX.

The program supports product development through the ability to perform: stylistic requirements, model design, digital model analysis, verification and presentation of the design, developing individual specifications for our customers.

The molds we make are almost a work of art. Our recipe for success relies on a planned process, detailed control and analysis at every stage and meticulouspost-completion verification.

In the field of mold design and manufacture, our designers have been continuously developing their skills in the trade for over 35 years now.

Advanced design projects implemented daily at PETBOTTLE make us better every day.We can carry out orders quickly and with the utmost attention to detail, delivering the highest quality products.

Choose Petbottle and join a growing group ofsatisfied customers.