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Complex Designs And Supply Of ISBM Molds

PETBOTTLE is keen to meet everycustomer’s individual needs andprovide a complete service.We offer a wide range of design services and a complete mold set for machines, based on blow molding (ISBM) technology.

We haveour own technical documentation for most machines, so we can make complete mold designs based on these, as well as producing the highest quality spare parts, meeting international standards ISO 9001 and other legal regulations.

The flexibility of conventional ISBM machines is ideal for non-standard containers.

ISBM is one of the cheapest, fastest but also proven and most effective options for making plastic containers.

With the help of PETBOTTLE, you can achieve your goals and save money on the production process.

Find out more about ISBM machines and their tools, designed and deliveredby Petbottle, and what you receive fromsuch devices.

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Injection Stretch Blow Molding – The Technology Of The Future

By utilizing waste heat in the preform injection process, energy consumption during the process is considerably lower than required for molding by other such devices.

These types of application are one of the cheapest, but also proven and highly effective options for the manufacture of plastic containers.

As the pre-punch remains inside the unit, we are constantly conscious ofprocess hygiene.

Contrary to two-stage molding, these containers are completely free of scratches and imperfections,since no element comes into contact withany other. After injection, the preforms are transported automatically and safely to the rest of the process, ensuring the high visual quality of the finished containers.

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Injection Station

The preform is designed for each specific container.

Specialized mold designs and the ability to change parameters for injection can be used to optimize the distribution of material in finished containers.

The preform material is injected and cooled down to a temperature below the crystallization temperature of the PET, without the need for further reheating, while maintaining the temperature and the amount of blown heat.

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Preform Heating Station And Temperature Stabilization

A number of technologies can be used to optimize the preform temperature profile for maximum material utilization. Accuratelydesigned technology allowsthe achievement of stability and durability of the containers that can be molded on ISBM devices.

This station can also protect against variable external factors, such as power supply networks. This ensures stable molding and protection from unnecessary expense, since equal shapes can easily be made from a common preform without having to modify expensive parts of the injection molds.

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Blower Station

This station allows the opportunity to blow the preform in a mold where it takes ona particular shape.

The molding process can usually be modified in multipleways, but in this case the settings of the processing parameters are altered most often. Please note that the preform design must be compatible with the mold, soother shapes can be molded only after the blow mold slot has been changed to a preformed design

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Bottle Discharge Station

This is the last production station in a single-stage machine.

ISMB machines are ideal for applications requiring the highest visual quality of the product.

After preform injection and blowing, and takingthe shapeintended, the finished containers are discharged precisely, through the neck, guided in the right direction so that they are protected from damage.