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Ideal Mold Design Guarantees A Successful Project

Injection molding is the cyclical processing of plastics in the form of granules, involving injecting a plasticized material into a mold, in which it cools down to form a specific shape.

At PETBOTTLE, we specialize in complex and advanced analysis, detailed documentation and production of injection molds for the production of preforms (IMFP) and all types of caps and closures (IMFC) such as sport-cup, flip-top or caps of any shape and properties.

In an effort to identify trends, PETBOTTLE always works with state-of-the-art and innovative manufacturing technologies to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process by reducing mold wear during use, and so guaranteeing millions of cycles and years of efficient use.

The molds we design and manufacture always receive service documentation, i.e. an operation and maintenance manual, warranty certificates and compliance certificates etc.

At PETBOTTLE, we always make the bestuse of all functional, creative and economic potential, in line with the expectations of our clients.