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We Turn Ideas Into Perfect Products

Almost 80% of purchasing decisions are made in-store.

The packaging your potential customer sees on the store shelf is your first contact with them, and a strong magnet that attracts them and directs them to make a purchasing decision.

At PETBOTTLE, we understand exactly how important it is to be awarethat innovative and convenient packaging is one of the key factors in increasing sales and building brand recognition in the market.

​A good design is a combination of innovation and creativity, backed up by market research and consumer research.

​The ideal design combines functionality with consistent brand image.

To combine these ideals, both the design of the preform and the final design of the bottle and the mold must be perfect, complementing each other at every stage of creation.

​At PETBOTTLE, every idea goes through rigorous testing and analysis.Using 3D printing technology, we create advanced prototype designs for our customers, so that we can test the product before it goes into final production.

Thanks to such solutions, we create better designs, helping our customers to achieve their goals while reducing risks and costs related to the production process.

Meeting Market Needs

Withintheir projects, the designers at PETBOTTLE balance creativity with technical aspects, market research, consumer and environmental safety, container ergonomics and cost of production.

While developing PETBOTTLE container designs, you can rest assured that your product will be more functional, secure, cost-optimized and, most importantly, attractive to potential consumers.

Our creativity, coupled with our passion for design and ever-expanding knowledge of the latest design trends, makes our PET, HDPE and PP container designs unique.

Our innovative solutions make it possible to offer a completely reliable and exemplary end result– a container that meets the most sophisticated requirements.

Thanks to us, you will greatly increase both loyalty to your brand and your revenue.

​At Petbottle, we offer a comprehensive service; contact us and see how much we assist at this stage.

Check out our Portfolio 2016 and see for yourself the huge variety of designs we can make.

Portfolio 2016