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Preform Design

Within a proper process of creating new containers and optimizing existing designs to reduce the cost of production, storage and transportation, it is important to remember that the quality of the finished container and its properties depend on the design of its preliminary mold: the preform.

The ratio of preform dimensions to thefinished bottle is essential to understanding whether the preform is designed appropriately to achieve the planned shape of the container we want to manufacture.

In addition to the PREFORM being properly optimized for injection and blow molding, it must also be properly designed to be operated by other machinery usedfor transport or handling.

Combining all these elements at the design stage is vital for achieving the optimum performance of the process and of the final product.


To achieve the planned shape and final characteristics of the bottle, advanced analysis is required at the design stage.

​The stages we work on include:

  • Wall thickness
  • Bottom thickness
  • Total length
  • Grip replacement
  • Shape of the preform
  • Size and diameter of the neck
  • Total weight
  • Drag coefficient
  • Axial section
  • Radial section
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At PETBOTTLE, we pay special attention to this design stage and offer a very detailed and advanced analysis at the beginning of the project so that the best production results will be achieved in future processes.

By using PETBOTTLE’s services, with our liability guarantee, you can rest assured that you will always receive designs of the highest quality.