At PETBOTTLE engineering, modern technology and science are our greatest passions

By participating in the world’s largest fair, studying fordoctorates and constantly developing our knowledge of the PET industry, we are always enthusiastic about investing in innovative technologies that streamline and improve our business.

Because we are an international company, following trends and contemporary developments in science, we want to meet the requirements and expectations of the most discerning customers from all over the world.

Our investment in state-of-the-art technology sets us apart from the competition, by offering our customers a methodology that will enable them to use our products and patents to save huge amounts of money in their production process.

Our patented solutions extend the life of our equipment and reduce production costs, while increasing the functionality of end products.

Throughout the entirecreative process, we use state-of-the-art innovative technologies, starting withCAD NX at the design stage, then using FDM-based industrial prototyping (3D printing), 3D scanning (reverse engineering), polishing, anodizing and laser texturing of molds.

We use our own measurement laboratory, machine park and advanced workshop.

We always secure our products professionally for transport, to guarantee responsibility while working with clients, including those in the international arena.

Working with PETBOTTLE, you always receive a guarantee of quality and reliability.Your products will be innovative when compared with the competition, meaning that your PET containers will gain interest and enthusiasmfrom the target consumer.

Construction Department

In the process of creating every project, we follow VDI 2221, which includes planning, concept development, project definitions and final documentation.

In order to identify all the requirements for each stage of our work, we follow the specifications of DIN 69901/VDI 2519 from the beginning of the design development process and throughout its implementation.

These international standards cover every stage of modeling and design. Thanks to these standards, we are able to analyze accurately such aspects as resistance to aggressive agents (e.g. chemicals), the behavior of containers under the influence of radiation, the influence of the environment on the finished product and whether the project meets mechanical requirements and important functional properties such as haptics, electrical or appearance characteristics.

Our engineering department is based on the most advanced Siemens CAD NX system, through which we conduct complex simulations, analyses and optimizations for our designs.

While developing product specifications, we take into account all the principles of plastics design, ensuring thetotal reliability of production processes. Essential documentation is provided forour customers, so they can be guaranteed of reliability.

3D Prototyping

To test the functionality and design aestheticsquickly, Petbottle has once again invested in modern and innovative technology, offeringa fast and reliable service to its customers. 3D printing allows us to provide our clients with a product design usuallywithin 24 hours, so that they can verify its shape before it goes into production.

Petbottle has its own Prototypin Facility and 3D Printing Laboratory, using professional, high-performance 3D printers. We can also make much larger details using our proprietary technology of merging components, always optimally selected for the materials used and the purpose of the parts produced. The preparation ofthe technology process, based on 3D printing, is supported by a team of experienced designers working on state-of-the-art CAD software. In the eventof a need to create details without the relevant technical documentation, we use a 3D scanner to read the dimensions and parameters of the item.

3D printing is as versatile and durable as the actualparts it produces. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) is the most important innovation at PETBOTTLE. This technology allows the printing of ready-to-use final products directly from STL files,using CAD software.

3D Scanning

At Petbottle we use 3D scanning to create CAD models based on a finished piece that does not have technical documentation. Thanks to this innovative technology, we can create parametrically scaled models from scratch, reconstruct products based on information obtained from the scanning process, modify designs and create new technical documentation from scratch. Thanks to scanning, we are able to carry out detailed audits of both molds and tooling, andin conjunction with 3D prototyping, print ready and functional machine spare parts. This is not an automatic process: it requires a qualified engineer. At Petbottle, you will find specialists to help you to achieve your intended effect.

CNC Machining

For traditional machining of aluminum and steel components, we use modern four- and five-axis CNC machine tools of the Japanese brand ROBODRILL. Experienced operators and strict control within the implemented program ISO 9001:2008 guarantee the high quality and precision of the final details.


In order to achieve a perfectly smooth and compliant slot molding surface, we use hand polishing with the highest quality tools and materials. Our staff’s many years of experience at this particular stage of the production process guarantee perfect slot making.


To achieve a longer life for the slots, we electroplate them, covering the surface with anode. Such protected surfaces are more resistant to potentialdamage or corrosion, providing a longer service life without significantly compromising the quality of the blown containers.

Laser Texturing

Highlight your product with innovative solutions

On customer request, we use advanced laser technology based on texturing the design of the PET bottle to obtain the exact effect of a convex logo, symbol, inscription or graphic pattern directly on the surface of the blown bottle.

Our use of this modern technology has been hugely appreciated by major companies in the marketwhich have successfully implemented it in their designs, attracting consumer interest.