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PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is one of the most commonly used materials for the manufacture of containers in the world.

Everyone uses PET at least once aday, no matter what kind of product –from milk through to liquid soap, cosmetics and cleaners and a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

At PETBOTTLE, we work with experienced designers who, with their fresh vision and innovative perspective, have tackledmany challenges.

Our professionalism and reliability are reflected in the positive reactions of our customers and a large list of referrals.For the sake of loyalty, these are available only to our prospective clients.

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Thanks to many years of experience in the blowing and pouring industry, PETBOTTLE is always happy to provide substantialcommercial support to our customers, by analyzing a company’s technical and budgetary constraints.

We will gladly advise you on the selection of optimum equipment, tailored to your production needs, when implementing the manufacture of plastic containers, as well as advising on the purchase of bottling lines and the selection of suppliers.

For every client, we offer consultations with our experts, so that you receive professional advice backed up by the extensive knowledge we have gained over the years.

Thanks to audits and thorough analysis by PETBOTTLE, every one of our customers will receive innovative and patented solutions at each stage of the production process, to reduce costs and maximize productivity.

PETBOTTLE offers comprehensive solutions,guaranteeing professional service at every level of our cooperation.

Take a look at our offer; order our expertise; optimize your designs and let us help you to succeed and set new goals for your company.


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