Say hello to the Tymbark watermelon

And now news from Tymbark. Say hello to the new watermelon lemonade flavor! Together we managed to find an unusual concept for such a summer, refreshing and delicious drink as lemonade. We are immensely happy that we are part of the project presented bottle, which you can find in OUR PORTFOLIO.

By the way,this season to lime and raspberry watermelon joined – this new version of lemonade will be known to each of us in the summer of this year. The unique character of the drink adds a unique packaging design, so attracting our views. The bottles perfectly repeat the shape of the lemon, which should remind us of children’s drinks and, first of all, lemonade.

Under each bottle cap of course are the iconic Tymbark slogans, after reading which, You will definitely stay in a good mood!

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