Dear colleagues!

On the occasion of our arrival in Moscow, we invite you to  #MoscowPetbottleConference – a conference for leading companies in the field of beverage production.

At the conference, we will present our innovative technologies in the field of blow molds production and design of PET and glass bottles, we will also talk about trends in the global market.

The bottled water market is growing at an incredible pace, competition is growing, and consumers are becoming more and more difficult to surprise and attract their attention. The PETBOTTLE company is constantly evolving to work better, more efficiently to execute new orders that help our clients to win on the market around the world.

#MoscowPetbottleConference – the opportunity to meet in person with industry leaders. Get inspired by new projects for your brand and discuss potential cooperation!

The conference will take place by the end of April. If you are interested in the event, let us know: e-mail a.demianchuk@petbottle.pl

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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