The first machine in Poland that exchanges cash for plastic bottles

The device will remain there for a few days for a trial. It will give PLN 0.1 for each empty plastic bottle, and its capacity is 800 bottles at once. The bottles must be emptied, cannot be squeezed and should still have a barcode.

The money in the machine is sufficient to receive 15,000 bottles.

“This pilot project is to encourage the Polish Sejm (lower house of the parliament) to introduce a PLN 0.1 deposit for plastic bottles” – said the inventor of the machine, Łukasz Wantuch, a councilman of the Przyjazny Kraków (Friendly Kraków) organisation. Mr Wantuch is also the main donor of the money paid by the machine.


Petbottle treats the environment with trepidation, and therefore we actively monitor its changes for the better. Machine is the first step to cleaning our cities from plastic bottles, as well as direct assistance in nature. Keep it up!


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